The Heavenly Joanna Stevens

The great thing about electronic music is its adaptive capacity. After years it gets remixed again and wala! It sounds new. The 80s gave us a lot of good electronic bands and this has been passed to the few who maintained quality music. And that means, music that has undergone a lot of studio analysis and months of painstaking work. And what better way to represent this music other than vocalists deserving a place in the pantheon of Goddesses?

I first heard of this  California-based music siren named Joanna Stevens through Delirium’s Myth from Poem. Her voice got exploited to the purest ecstasy when she guested on Sleepthief’s Labyrinthine Heart album singing the devotional Here I Confess that will surely make Enya’s producer Nicky Ryan nod with its exquisite arrangement and production technique. Joanna has the kind of voice one would associate to Sarah McLachlan and Liz Fraser. But Joanna is a versatile singer. She is able to blend Pop , Rock and Electronica, jumping genres and enchanting listeners. With those model looks and awesome talent, I am sure she will reach celestial heights. Miss Stevens is also the other half of  Solar Twins.

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