Coury Palermo: Beautiful Chill

I heard about Coury Palermo through Sleepthief recordings. I also realized that this guy has a beautiful voice that crosses between slick RnB type of singing to a more choir boy type of sophistication. His subjects have always been poignant, mostly dealing with lost love and missed soul mates. There is something fragile but dark in his musical persona. After all, according to him : ” I think the melancholy in life is my biggest influence – the moments that tear us apart and keep us searching.” But sensuality is never far as justified in his music videos. It’s more like fingernails gently scratching on skin against the onslaught of rainsdrops. A little bit of heat, and more of a chill.

Influences: ANYTHING melodic. PM Dawn, Sarah Mclachlan, Annie Lennox / The Eurythmics, Sade, U2, Patty Griffin, Coldplay, Q-Tip, Enya, William Orbit, Pierre Marchand, Imogen Heap, Sting, Robert Bradley, Ray LaMontagne…

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