Close Your Eyes and Fly..

There are treasures we keep waiting to be rediscovered years later. When kids have grown and all we have is this faint thread that connects us to the past.  Relationship has sometimes no power over the obstinate hands of time. But music takes us back.  Music for contemplation is a luxury away from the abrasive swish and swash of everyday life. We are working people and we take competitive heads. But at the end of the day, all we need is a warm massage, a nice soothing aroma and taste of Earl Gray and yes relaxing music after kicking off our shoes.

I have tried to pattern music based on my needs. I see these pieces as my flying carpet to faraway lands. The ticket is your imagination. Nothing beats a soundtrack weary times. I take this nice cool sound of Seay. May you find your own flying carpet.


This video is from the amazing introduction to the movie “Contact”, a journey through our solar system, out into the universe. I’ve spent most of my life looking up at the stars wondering what it would be like to travel through the universe or to a heavenly place. “Orion’s Gate” is a very special journeying piece of music, one that will transport you to a place of peace.I sometimes can’t believe it came from me, but maybe we’re all just messengers anyway.

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