Garrett Wall Band

The Irish fronted band promise sophisticated  groovy tracks…

Special thanks to Daly Communications for letting me hear this band!

I was almost jumping up and down when I received a parcel containing one of my never before heard band’s first album Sky Pointing. The Garrett Wall band are composed of four musicians  who come together and agreed to make music despite the challenges  of being not mainstream.

They already have a second album  Hands and Imperfections but let me just savour the flavour of the first album . From the pulsing  opening track  Terrafirma, you already know you’re in for a ride.  It’s a refreshing musical experience. There’s groove-definitely . But there is also nuance and sophistication. The acoustic guitar of lead singer Garrett Wall colours the album but is also set into balance by Howard Brown’s bright trumpet playing, Dave Mooney’s driving bass and the crisp percussion of Robbie K. Jones.

Everyone in the household started asking me who’s the band. They were tapping their toes. I tell you can’t help but be driven by the irresistible musical charisma of this quartet.

Tracks like the single Jelousy among others set the balance of the album to the more jazzy , slower pieces that just get you into the mood. Sky Pointing is a must for listeners with sophisticated tastes. If you like Jazz, Bossa with a dash of Ska, Rock and good ol’ Irish humor then you should not miss out two of this band’s albums.  

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