Free EP: Foretaste Reproduced by People Theatre!

Thanks to Peter Rainman for introducing me to this gem of French electronic music Foretaste. I just can’t stop banging my head and tapping my feet. Clean breathy vocals over richly layered music filled with wonderful effects coming in and out of each track. There is mystery here. The two people involved are: Terrorist_ XX(Vocals) and Terrorist _XY (programming and backing vocals). They have this wonderful remake of a Garbage hit called Stupid Girl. Ok so why exactly do they want to remain mysterious? I wish Foretaste can answer this in the future!

Here’s the link to the free EP:

The band’s music site:


2 Replies to “Free EP: Foretaste Reproduced by People Theatre!”

  1. Thank for your post we really appreciate. In fact we didn’t want to remain mysterious… That’s a fact we are not Lady Gaga 😉

    Best regards from France



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