Jork Discusses His New Track Cellular Interference has been a  leading label when it comes to the revolutionary world of chiptune or chip music. “Up” is the latest release compiled by C-Jeff, the maintainer and founder of the label. Right now a modest amount of sound emanates from my laptop speakers as I write this article. The tracks are all creating images in my brain.  This is electronic music using the perfect sine waves and otherwise. It’s like getting vicarious synesthesia. Full blast and this album  can do wonders to your neighborhood.  Track 11 is Cellular Interference.  I asked the man behind this track  to further  explain this project. He is also the one  behind “Superanuated” known by the moniker Jork, which we featured a few weeks back.

“Well, after releasing “Superannuated” on Ubiktune, I kept in touch with the founder and maintainer of the netlabel C-jeff. He approached me about writing a tune for the progressive-rock compilation “Up”. It sounded like a great project so I wrote “Cellular Interference”

I told him that this  track sounds more frenetic than his previous compositions and a bit aggressive too. Intentional? And is there a new album coming up?

“You are correct on both counts! The brief for the compilation was “Progressive Rock” a la Yes/King’s X/Dream Theater. I haven’t really written rock tunes in quite some time so I jumped at the chance. I enjoyed it so much so I kept going and I’ll be releasing a bunch of new compositions as soon as I can find somewhere to put them. The new stuff is more frenetic and aggressive than the last release. \m/”

Jork also plays guitar in Fuzzy Logic Ensemble, a jazz group based in Dublin Ireland in which he is known as Lee Tobin. Being able to juggle between band work, composition and even web designing; it made me wonder if he could also do Broadway.

“Broadway!? Probably not, but I love the music scene in the states, particularly in New York.”

I asked him what he would like to be known for the most. And he gave me this answer: “Known for the most? I’m pretty sure I won’t be known for anything and I’m perfectly OK with that.”

What a down- to- Earth answer from a guy who can match Zappa and Hendrix in creating electric jell-o in heaven….

Various Artists — Up

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” — G. K. Chesterton


  1. C-jeff — Ocean Backwards (5:44)
  2. Virt — First Flight (5:36)
  3. Blitz Lunar — Mathsma Attack (4:52)
  4. Heosphoros — Triple Point (3:15)
  5. nq\skrju — Up to Sunshine Avenue (1:46)
  6. coda — the magnificent meat shower (5:26)
  7. Zan-zan-zawa-veia — Last Sppr (2:03)
  8. Shnabubula — Spongetta in the Studio (3:07)
  9. Maxo — Twirling Star (6:01)
  10. Jork — Cellular Interference (4:33)
  11. Derris-Kharlan — Forcystus (4:39)

Artwork by Stephen M. Gray

Listen and download here:

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