Digital Organics : Phases Of How The Electronic Music Scene Waxes and Wanes

The music scene is fluid. The changes can be subtle or dramatic. There are people who push the limits of the boundaries and with that they get cult following. Aaron Davis is a fine example of a temperamental guru who dabbles with progressive electronic music. He even built Digital Organics which is making waves in the Net and in his hometown of Durham North Carolina. I have been meaning to send him questions but his schedules get in the way. But one fine day he was able to answer these questions

1. What’s Digital Organics?

Digital Organics is a creation of mine to allows me to make music that is not confined to a particular sound or genre. My moniker A.D. I use as a dj and after years of using it to spin progressive house and trance i felt few of the tracks I have produced really fell into the same style, so I created Digital Organics to produce music that I feel, but perhaps might not make it into a dj set of mine.

2. Describe what you do in this project.

For the most part I am Digital Organics, but the great thing about using a pen name is I can work on collaborations with other artists and it all still fit under the name Digital Organics. Jon Graham does the same with the group Quivver, even though for the most part Quivver is him alone.

3.What are your current gigs?

Currently I am working in the studio on a few new original tracks under the Digital Organics name. I am also really excited about a few remixes I’m working on from some really big names.

4. How’s the electronic music scene where you are?

well the electronic scene everywhere waxes and wains, luckily we are beginning a new upswing. for a long time electronic music got to technical and lost its “fun” appeal. things got so dark for a while people stopped going out. To me going out is about having a good time, not paying to go see how depressed the dj could make me.

5. You made amazing music as AD. Plans of going back making another solo project?
Well on some of the upcoming Digital Organics original and remix tracks you will see A.D. remixes but ultimately depends on the song and the creative process

6. You disappeared from the scene for a while. What happened?

I produce two things that I will never be able to top, my daughter and son. They are my heart and soul and the key to my very being. I just took time off, after such a life changing event I had to just stop and drown in the awesomeness of them. They have taught me so much in so short a period of time and inspired me in ways nothing else ever could

7.What are the gadgets you use/instruments?

Wow lets see, Roland Juno 106, I use it as my analog midi controller for about everything from my Arp 2600 & odyssey, prophet 5v, Jupiter 8, Moog mini v, Moog modular v, an old Korg and Roland jv’s. Drums are usually handled through Roland too 808/909 sometimes Linn drums. most of my drums actually are samples from various machines through the decades ill load into a simple sequencer, like fruity loops, to create the loop do some basic sound manipulation and then drop them in to Sony’s acid for final sequencing, multi tracking vocals and mixing down/mastering. I also run a Roland dj-1000 mixer, i has two filter blocks on it and assignable to each frequency. I know theres a lot of plug-ins that can do that too but theres something about being able to use your hands rather than a mouse and multi tracking, plus you never know when a simple non-graphed out mistake can really make the track come to life. everything in the end goes through a few different processors from dbx Roland and BBE to polish them up a bit.

8. How do you describe your personality?

Well that depends, I have very different persona’s behind the decks and at home. At the club I’m at work, I tend to be a bit more guarded there meeting and talking with people, but once I’m on the decks I have one thing in mind turning it out and making the people dance till they hurt the next day so they will come see me the next time I’m around.

At home I’m Daddy and perfectly happy just being so

9. What do you do to chill out?

Put some Jazz or bossa nova on curl up with the kids and take a nap, unfortunately there’s not enough of those moments.

Add Digital Organics in facebook and listen to the tracks.

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