One rainy night I was visited by a pale figure. He came through the gust of wind. I forgot to close the windows. All of a sudden his tall figure was in front of me. I protested that I am still watching the latest episode of Bones. But without much adieu, my tea cup shattered to pieces against the wall. And I was swept away by cold hands.

Dark chocolate diamonds poured from all sides as I listen to the aural sorcery of LeVant. Dark, part brooding, part ethereal-a perfect soundtrack for the rainy night. But you better not be alone.

The Goth in me loves this. I am sure kids who grew up listening to Diary of Dreams, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil and Rasputina will love this work from a gifted Romanian composer.

Through Heaven’s Grace is the carrier single. It is a symphonic piece wrapped in chill out drums, choir and electronic harmonies. It makes me curious of its creator George D. Stanciulescu , and his obsession with spirituality and the human condition. LeVant is a potent project that digs into your veins like a vampire’s kiss…after the long day-comes the night.


More from LeVant’s facebook page:

Finest Romanian Contemporary Electro-Mystique music:

An electro-ambient sideproject by Romanian musician and producer George D. Stanciulescu, known as the mastermind behind the dark neoclassical act AD OMBRA. LeVant’s music uniquely oscillates between the aesthetics of refined electronica/industrial, classy orchestral touches, ethereal, ethnic and sacred music infusions,various sampling, alluring guitar work, all wrapped in an one of a kind atmospheric perfume. The debut album ” Beyond the masque of Eden” was released in limited edition of 500 deluxe digipack copies by Dead Scarlet Records: http://deadscarletrecords.com/press/levant-beyond-the-masque-of-eden/.

The digital afficionados may also find the album on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and other digital retailers.


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