Paula’s Synth Music(Interview)


I am one of the lucky ones who got serenaded by Paula’s music. I call them melodic chocolate bars. Her music puts you in a positive mood. It is easy to smile when you hear her gentle soprano(technically she’d rather call it vox). She is not a traditional composer. She said herself”: Notation and I don’t click.

  I got a chance to have a brief chit-chat with this interesting person: gardens, 17th century England and digital keyboards are part of her expertise. Here’s what I got:


I know you are open- minded about music but you are known primarily to be an electronic artist right?  

Yep…an electro through and through 🙂 

What’s the story behind Corpus Christi carol? You’ve never done any historical songs before with a Celtic flavor. 

Ha…the historian in me, at odd rare times, delves into traditional songs and I guess gives them a more modern flavour re the use of synths…but growing up on Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys…the English electro scene etc…that has been my main influence shaping me as an electro and the bulk of my work…and more later exploring the European electronic scene more widely re European electronic artists as well. 

You took 17th Century (research) at The Centre for 17th Century Studies(at Durham University). What’s interesting about what you do in relation to your musical passion? 

Baxter, do you have a garden where you live? I was thinking I could send you some seed packets of some of our English flowers to sow out there or make a hanging basket with if you don’t have a garden?

Oh wow! No one offered me that before(provides info) .

 Who taught you to sing in that style? 

No one has taught me to sing in any style (Ok the typical Paula vocal is breathy, clear with a slight tinge of vibrato-a very soothing voice)  

A walk in old churches. How is this like for you? (I was referring to her latest series of photographs posted in facebook)

I feel no religious connection, it’s another historical building for me, albeit peaceful…with another new historical story to discover eg.the tombs…saving the king’s life from a wild boar…that kind of thing…  

Youtube is an interesting site to showcase one’s talent. I think people who like your music also want to see what you do(recording, playing the instrument or mixing) Will you be posting more videos and what will they be like? 

I can create more vids explaining the process…let me see what I can come up with….

Are you a kind of composer who sits down and decides what to do or inspirations just happen…like let say when you are gardening? 🙂 

What tends to happen more often than not is that I start to hear music inside my head that just “happens” and then I compose inside my head, then I go to my synths and start programming the tracks in..as I hear music in my head I also tend to get lyric ideas as well, which take more shape as I programme…it is very much an internal process with me…occasionally songs do emerge from playing around with ideas at the synths, but mostly it all starts inside my head…when I am in a creative phase..it is something that just happens when “it” wants to…I don’t direct it, “it” directs me… 

Do you see yourself performing on stage as well? There is this thing about electronic musicians and the sense of being insular. I don’t know if I say it right… 

I would like to perform live…virtually everyone I have worked with so far or linked in with on collabs is abroad and we’ve never met.


“Just to clarify…the reference to sending flower seeds was because Baxter likes my flower photos from my walks in gardens and I thought he might like to grow English flowers abroad..I wasn’t actually answering the question, it was an aside…hehe…”

-Paula on  her facebook comment



2 thoughts on “Paula’s Synth Music(Interview)

  1. Good questions in relation to who Paula is about and interesting answers.

    AS far as live playing is concerned, it would be possible as a solo singer with synths only to perform at some art event for ex.
    Just go for it and ask aorund.
    Ciao guys,



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