God’s Own Medicine

I am listening to the first brilliant album of The Mission called “God’s Own Medicine”. I remember the first time I explored this type of music in the early 90’s and I remember how the whole atmosphere of an album means a lot to me. I think it means a lot more than the ‘”guitar acrobats”.

I love the beautiful voice of Wanye Hussey. He used to be with The Sisters of Mercy before going solo with his band-this band! Wasteland, Severina and Stay with Me will always remain favorites.

2 thoughts on “God’s Own Medicine

  1. You should definately check out all the other albums – Carved in Sand was the most successful and possibly accessible album, but Children, AurA and God is a Bullet (the last being recorded in 2006) would likely appeal…

    Mission World Information Service (MWIS)


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