Into The Night for Bauernfrühstück

My friend Loic Rathscheck is our special guest.  I asked him to talk about his experience during the premier night of the movie Bauernfrühstück and his feeling about having a song featured in the movie. Into the Night by the way is a beautiful track! It is always amazing to see everything through the eyes of the artist:

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Loic(extreme right)

The film premiere for Bauernfrühstück, a north German comedy, was on the 16.5

The premiere was exciting because I had no idea when and how many times they would play our track “Into the Night”.

Scarlet Soho had also made the effort to come all the way from England. James and Scarlet at last got to meet Isgaard who sang the classical part in the chorus. We had all worked together over the net but Isgaard and the members of Scarlet Soho had never had a chance to meet in person! They all got along so well and even would like to work on a second track. So ‘Into the Night’ is the first song of a few other songs to come under the project name: Loic & Isgaard ft. Scarlet Soho.

The premiere was in Kiel, about an hour’s drive away from Hamburg. After a few speeches and thank you’s from Michael, the director and writer, the film finally started. It crashed three times before starting properly! Everybody cheered on and understood Murphy’s law was inevitable in such a circumstance.

After the opening song and once we were about 15 minutes into the film, the first track to be played was ours! Everything would have been perfect had they not chosen to play the demo! Oh no… how did the mp3 demo where James sang a melody idea into a 1 Euro microphone wind up as the score to the film? I had made the effort to work on 12 different versions of all lengths and colours to be used in the film and instead the demo makes it as the end choice to the film score! We counted that they had used the demo six times and once did play about 30 seconds of the original end version full blast around the middle of the film. Our feelings were mixed: awesome that our song was played so many times but how and foremost why did the mp3 demo ever get in there?

I was also asked to write an 80s-like song and some sound effects which were all used.

Isgaard’s boyfriend wrote the more classical sounding themes. His love theme suits the film perfectly.

The party after the premiere was entertaining. The actors are all lovely fun people. And drop dead gorgeous Eva Habermann, a big name here in Germany, finds “Into the Night” to be her absolute favorite song! We got quite a few compliments which is rewarding after so much work.

There is also a happy end to all this. The very next day after making a few phone calls to the sound guys, I was made assured that the demo was quickly swapped with the original final version.

The film is to be released on June the 2nd and about 150 movie theaters have placed an order.

Lets all cross our fingers that people will have as much fun watching the film as those who had fun making it!

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