Carleton Stone is The Man!

His music flows smoothly. His voice is strong and clear. When he steps into the stage, everyone can feel that super vibes oozing from him: the aura of someone who is sure about what he is doing and knows how to get there.

Listening to all the tracks in his new self-titled album(Groundswell Music), you can tell that everything has been crafted meticulously. That is why the songs are catchy and cohesive. The album cover shows Carleton in relaxed pose against the wall. He is also photogenic and this works in getting the album into the shelves.

It is a rewarding listening experience hearing  this talented singer/songwriter from Nova Scotia. One of the best tracks that really stuck with me is “Sheets” Click:  with its amazing chord pattern, hooks and seductive vocals. For those who haven’t heard him yet will be dazzled by his amazing songs. I am sure you will get his first album Drives The Big Wheel because of this. So folks, get addicted, and get  the sensual sweat- meets-red- marks -on- skin album of this guy.  This is feel-good music  brought to you by!

More info here:

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