Interview with Evan Roy

I want you to meet this young man who has his own band called The Missing Peace . He makes amazing songs. They are funny, sometimes sad but most often witty. He is one of those young talents with an important message. I was able to get a copy of his EP and his music is good! The songs are acoustic based often composed around the acoustic guitar. Slight influence from Jack Johnson is in the mix.

The Life is his current EP and the Be Strong is the opening track.  A video accompanying this track is out:

According to his YouTube channel :In a response to the bullying epidemic that has recently swept the world, “Be Strong” was created to inspire hope and provide support to those that find themselves faced with hate.

Lyrics by Todd Burton. Performed by Evan Roy. Recorded by James Johnson. Filmed by Jessica Benson.

Everything As It Should Be has that strong melody reminiscent of 80s bands like General Public. Find Your way calls to mind Jason Mraz with the little reggae feel. Let Go is something that I listen to these days.

I was able to catch up with Evan to answer questions for those who would like to know where he gets his inspiration for the quirky songs he make:

1. Your songs are uplifting and funny. At times they are introspective. Where do you get your inspirations?

It makes me happy that you’d describe my songs as uplifting because my main goal is to make people feel better about whatever it is they are going through just by hearing my music. My inspirations come from everywhere: Everyone I meet, everything I see, and everything I hear. I’m inspired by Life, if you will.
2. How do you describe your type of music?

At the moment I’ve currently labeled my genre as: Feel Good Acoustic Music. Simple enough, right?

3. Cite 5 artists who influenced you.

Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Ben Gibbard (of Deathcab For Cutie/ The Postal Service), and Vic Ruggiero (of the Slackers).
All of them have their own individual niche that contributes to the way I think when I write music.

4. What’s coming up with your band?

Well, I’m currently about to move 3 hours away from the bass player and keyboard player that I’ve played a few summer shows with, so I’ll be needing to find some replacements (I’ve got some ideas lined up), but as soon as I get rooted in Grand Rapids you can expect a few more shows, and some progression in my writing. I’ll still be writing the songs myself and allowing whoever is dedicated/willing enough to learn my songs and play them with me. Basically our name will be Evan Roy and The Missing Peace, and the members of The Missing Peace will be interchangeable depending on where the show we are playing is or who is available, and we will be playing mostly songs that I’ve written. I’ve also been considering recording a demo of some full band versions of a few songs from my previous solo EPs, but that will depend how quickly I get a solid group of musicians to jam out with in Grand Rapids!

5. “Be Strong” addresses the issue of bullying. It is sad that no mainstream artist ever addressed this issue!

Well, to first clarify, I did not write the lyrics to Be Strong. It was a collaboration project between me and a few other people. I wrote the music and put Todd Burton’s poem to my guitar and melody, and when Mike Schulz (the project coordinator/video director) heard the song he said it fit perfectly with what he was imagining, so we recorded it and he made the video to go with it! Afterwards, I asked Todd if it’d be okay to use the song on my EP because his lyrics fit the guitar part I had previously written so perfectly that I didn’t want to re-write the song after the project. Also, because his poem is awesome and I feel it reflects exactly how I feel on the matter of self-confidence and bullying and the like.

As far as mainstream artists writing about bullying, I wouldn’t say that no one’s done it. Born This Way by Lady Gaga is the first song that comes into my head, but you aren’t foolish to notice that songs about self-empowerment tend to be few and far between. I’m glad to be a contributor to changing that. 🙂

6. What other issues  that affect you right now?

Pessimism! People that are always down in the dumps. I truly believe that your mood rubs off on other people, and when I’m around a group of pessimistic people I just want to let them know that everything is going to be alright! The world needs more optimists. So much of life is about perception, and I believe you have to condition yourself to always see the silver lining.

7. Will they make it to your songs?
I try to put a flare of my optimism in everything I write. Don’t get me wrong, I write some sad songs… but I generally try to make sure that my message projects happiness, even if the lyrics are on the sadder side of things. (See Beat Through, or IOU from The Love EP)

8. Going back to topic about pessimists. There are people out there who think that optimism is cliche. What can you say about this?

I think that those people are too focused on what other people think of how they live their life. I can’t think of a better mindset to have to make the world a better place aside from optimism. All the other mindsets are overrated — you’ve always gotta look at the silver lining!

9. You write about relationships. I know my next question takes a lot but I am curious: How do you know if the relationship is a destructive, or constructive one?

Well the way that I view it is that if you have to try really hard to hold a relationship together, it’s probably better to just let it go. Relationships should just flow naturally, and if there’s jealousy or a lack of trust between you and your significant other and you notice that being with that person doesn’t even really make you happy anymore then you know that it’s destructive and time to leave. A relationship is constructive when your significant other inspires you to create, build, ore even just wake up in the morning to see their face one more time.

10. What’s your message of peace to the world?

There’s enough people making hate and destroying things and provoking anger. Don’t you think the world would be a better place with more people here to brighten the mood? 🙂

Download The Life EP for FREE right here!

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