Brandon DeVries Talks About His Project Oh! Polyphony

Up,Up &Up! is the new EP …

Brandon DeVries sent me a copy of his  EP  Up, Up & Up! The music is melodic and  rich in harmonies. I met Brandon because of Layne Greene who happens to be his close friend. Up,Up &Up contains music that will make you smile or laugh. Damaged Goods, Astro Zombies and Difference of Opinion will realign your brain waves. I mean for someone who knows the music of Sonic Youth and Kings of Convenience…you will know what I mean.

I took his time as we emailed back and forth. You will see how interesting the conversation was!

How are you doing today Brandon?

In general I’m doing pretty well. I just woke up though, and I had that kind of dream that ruins your whole day before it even starts.
So that kind of dampened my spirits a little. But I also just got back from Cape Breton recording with my friends’ band! So I’m still riding on that high.

You have an interesting band moniker: Oh! Polyphony. Who came up with this and why?

I came up with the name in the offices of the New Glasgow news one night with my ex-girlfriend. Polyphony is defined as “The style of simultaneously combining a number of individual parts that harmonize with each other.” and I thought this was an interesting concept in regard to both music and the connections between people. The “Oh!” probably came from me reading
plays and poetry and hearing it used as a celebration of things. So, in short: my band name is a celebration of the connections
between people.

You create breezy folk-based songs with amazing harmonies. Who decides the band’s musical direction?

I am actually the only person in my band, I just use a band name because I feel uncomfortable and narcissistic performing under my own name.

Hard Heart is a sad song. Is this influenced by a real life break up?

Well, not a break up. I wrote the song because I barely ever saw my girlfriend at the time and it was really rough on me. I think it’s kind of funny that people
identify it as a sad song, because to me it’s a happy one. The guitar riffs are jolly sounding and in a major key. The lyrics talk about absolutely loving and wanting
to be with this girl, even though it’s not really happening. Maybe I’m just a depressing person, but the song is happy because the guy in the song has that feeling
of wanting someone so bad, and to me that is the most appealing part of a relationship, the wanting.

I love the atmosphere you guys put on the tracks. Is this a Nova Scotia sound kind of thing?

I’m not sure if it’s a Nova Scotia thing as much as me and Layne are just similar as people. I try and write my songs according to mood, so my songs are pretty
much all atmosphere. I think that if I can make somebody feel how I felt while writing the song, I have succeeded. It’s just unfortunate that I’m sad most of the time,so if I succeed then other people will feel sad.

What are the things you need to remember when going into the studio and recording tracks?

Just remember to practice often so you you don’t have to re-do tracks and waste a bunch of time. Also, don’t settle with anything less than perfection in regards to your own performance. If you slip up and keep it, it’s going to haunt your for the rest of your life or until you re-record the track).

What are your top 5 albums today?

For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver
Torches by Brian Borcherdt
James Blake by James Blake
Some Kind of Cadwallader by Algernon Cadwallader
The Queen is Dead by the Smiths

What are your plans for the band before the year ends?

Keep writing, and do some more home recordings until I can get some time in an actual studio. I’m playing some away shows now too, so hopefully I’ll do something resembling a tour in the near future and just sell home recording demos.

Will there be a youtube video?

There actually is one that my friend Ellie Lamothe did for my song Daggers that I love. I would like to do some more, and I am talking to people about possible treatments right now. Daggers can be found at .

What’s your message to the world?

My message would be: “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”
Find Oh!Polyphony in facebook:

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