Tea Talk :Episode 1

This just came out of nowhere. I love randomness. You are always able to come up with stuff that’s amazing. Layne presented bands on the table while we were talking about future interviews. We want to keep it as straightforward as possible for you folks. Both of these albums are by Canadian artists.

Today’s bands

Poplar Pines and Nick Everett


Layne:  played a show with him a few weeks ago

Baxter: Scott Beggar right? Was it a good experience?

Layne: Yeah, he was a really great performer. Super nice guy too. lol, and he had a nice guitar :P

Baxter: Wow I like the music-my kind ;). Love the artwork too.


Layne: Guy’s really good too.

Baxter:  Yeah I am actually checking on him as well . Lots of great local talents you got there.

Layne: So good. I got to see him play live too, probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. And there were only like 15 people there :P.

Baxter: Wow his music is also amazing. Different from Poplar Pines and also worth hearing.

Layne: Scott was really gooood. But I think Nick is on a whole different level of musicianship.

Baxter: Yeah. Also Scott’s recording has different quality.

Layne: Yeah, I think Nick did it pretty low key, he does have some demo’s that were done with Scott. lol, It was so intense. So much passion in his live performance.(Shares a video link). Great vid!

Baxter: He is interesting.

Layne: I was kind of surprised by the piano in the vid, took me by surprise for some reason

More to come folks!

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