Tea Talk :Episode 2

Second part of the discussion. Our featured artist is Jeff Pianki.


Layne: His writing is so deep.

Baxter: Wow atmospheric. That’s usually the thing that attracts me to a  band-the atmosphere, good voice too! Jeff’s music is awesome.I hear the vocal choir on the background. Very dreamy .I love the piano too.

Layne: Yeah, I find that he’s really tasteful with it. It’s present all the time, but it’s never over bearing.

Baxter: I am on the third track Paper Window Dreams. Appropriate title. It says: Paper Window is a collection of songs written with the intent of exploring memories. Some are mine, some are hers, some are yours. The songs all mean a whole lot to me, and were recorded in my bedroom in the last half of 2010.
released 15 December 2010
All music and lyrics by Jeff Pianki, except for the Cello on “This Town”, which was arranged, played, and recorded by Noah Capurso

Layne: I think track 4 is my favourite. Probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Baxter: can’t wait to go there hahahahaahah

Layne: It’s haunting.

Baxter: Oh boy you are right. I love the intro .I think this guy will become well known. The music is so good!

Layne: Some scattering of piano really builds the structure a lot. I really like how scarce it is.

Baxter: Me too. I am into minimalism. I feel like floating.

Layne: I agree entirely, I think he has an accessibility to his sound, like, he sounds like something I’ve always listened to. which is a really weird idea :S


More to come…

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