Releases for October

The month of Halloween is here and we have great releases from indie artists.

First stop, Matthew Sweet is back . After being off the radar for sometime, the original indie god  is back  Acoustic and Live Songs . It’s like the sweet old-time again with sunshine melodies and bitter sweet lyrics. Meet him once again…like an old friend.

Ten Out of Tenn is on tour now! Amazing music. I got hold of the compilation and they all blew me away with their amazing experimentalism and  really amazing arrangements:

Ten Out of Tenn Compilation (Vol. 4) (2011)
  1. “Where I Come From” by K.S. Rhoads
  2. “Free My Mind” by Katie Herzig
  3. “The Ladder” by Andrew Belle
  4. “Not Foolin’ Around Tonight” by Butterfly Boucher
  5. “On a Day Just Like Today” by Gabe Dixon
  6. “Leave to See” by Trent Dabbs
  7. “The Only One” by Tyler James
  8. “Just You” by Amy Stroup
  9. “Home” by Matthew Perryman Jones
  10. “The Bed You Made” by Jeremy Lister
The most anticipated 4th album of Ben Rector is out. Don’t forget to get hold of this dude and his own unique brand of piano based intelligent pop! Something Like This is out now.

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