Cuts You Up Yeah!

I admit I have not been posting a  lot of reviews due to personal issues. But I am a bit sober now.  But it is great to be able to communicate this way. This is the WIRE into the universe. A doorway in which I can pour my soul out and bleed if I want to. But enough of the drama. I just want you guys to know that my next guest is Tiger Darrow. She is a beautiful singer/composer/actress whom I got to talk to through Mason Taylor. Hey there’s a light that never goes out!

Ok so before I bore you with my soliloquy, I will just leave you with this tune by uncle Peter Murphy. I used to be into Goth stuff. Before I became so fluffy and friendly enough to let a vampire into my place resulting into disaster. So after days of being a walking dead, I realized I am alive. Oh yeah…I started to notice a lot of spider webs in my room and everywhere. I have been cleaning the house like I have been dead for a hundred years and just realized I had to live in another century. Anyway I know this sounds weird but I will see you in my really sober state soon.

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