Uneasy Truce by Jork a.k.a. Lee Tobin

Everyone might be familiar with Lee as the other member of the progressive Dublin based Jazz group Fuzzy Logic Ensemble. Others know him as a brilliant web designer who made projects for Enya, Roma Ryan and others. I see him as a good friend who has a lot of musical ideas that he can’t contain them in one dimension. Here’s another conversation I had with him.

1. The second album is now out. I noticed aggressive basslines never heard on Superannuated before. However it has that distinctive Jork style we all came to know. Tell us about the creation of  Uneasy Truce and why the title?
Arthur C Clarke. It’s from a line buried in one of the Space Odyssey books. That phrase kind of stuck with me. The music I tend to write has a unresolved, not-quite-together amorphous feel to it. Seemed like a suitable name.
Yes, I wanted a more aggressive vibe on this collection of tracks. I was shooting for a dirty, raw, in-your-face sort of sound.
2.This second album is more complex in terms of melodic structure. Those who understand progressive Jazz and Zappa will come to love your music. What were the challenges conceiving this new album?
The real challenge for me is to make music that sounds “musical”. I’m not going into that too much, music is music, however I can very quickly fall into atonal chaos. Not that that’s a bad thing.
Keeping it together, that’s my main challenge.
This is from a short movie
3. The irresistible beats run from tracks like Big Fat Toad all throughout the album. Do you see this project being performed by a live ensemble?
I’d like to. It would take quite a bit of time which I don’t have right now. Sometime I’ll arrange for an ensemble. If anyone want to give it a try, I can provide sheet music!
4. You do have a thing for wacky titles of songs. Does this also speak about your personality. Are you a wacky guy?
I’m definitely wacky, but deep down I dislike song titles, or perhaps dislike coming up with song titles. Most of the music I write has no lyrics so titles are like trying to describe a colour.
5. What are the other musical projects you are getting busy at as of the moment?
I’m doing quite a lot of composing at the moment, mostly for for independent film and similar projects. Other projects are in the works for this year, as soon as I get the time. I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks Baxter!

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