Q & A with Michael Cassidy


Michael Cassidy is one artist who leaves a big impression on you upon first listen.  His songs are catchy, reflective and at times quirky. For those who want to get to know him more and his music, this question and answer will bring you closer to this amazing artist.

What instrument did you pick first when you decided to become a musician?

I didnt really decide to become a musician, i always played music around the house and my father is a musician so i was really brought up around music. I started playing guitar when i was 9 and there has always been a piano in my house which i have played since i can remember. I am very lucky to have been encouraged by my parents to play music and be creative. This meant it was an easy decision to take up music in a more full time capacity.

What’s your favorite color?

My favourite colour is blue. I find it a very calming colour and this is the reason I use it as the primary colour for my artwork of my E.P. I also love black, white and grey. Love old fashioned photos and would happily have all my photos in black and white.

 Favorite food?

I love asian food. In particular spicy chicken and rice dishes. Also love homemade soups and  freshly baked bread!

Musical influences?

My main influence is Rufus Wainwright. I think he is simply put a genius. Unbelievable writer and to date has written 6 brilliant albums and an opera. Brilliant musician and a brilliant work ethic. Such a great example to young musicians like myself. I also love fleetwood mac, ryan adams, laura marling, the beatles, richard thompson, john martyn, radiohead and ry cooder. I love so many types of music which i think all influence me in different ways. It is so important to listen to different types of music because if you dont you will just end up regurgitating and writing the same stuff that you always listen to!



What’s your zodiac sign?
My zodiac sign is aquarius, dont know anything about that. Except im pretty sure according to some news papers my zodiac sign is capricorn coz my birthday is 21st january.
What is so great about being a musician living in Scotland?
Its thriving at the moment lots of great bands including biffy clyro, frightened rabbit, admiral fallow, carnivores, we are the physics, the lafontaines and woodenbox. So many great venues as well. Also beautiful scenery that i also find unspiring. Even the nightlife is buzzing its hard to go out and not have a great night. This inspired a lot of great music!
Your song Everybody’s Scared is gaining a lot of attention. For me , it was the arrangement and your way of singing which doesn’t sound like anything I heard before. What is the story behind this song? 
 Everybodys Scared was written 2-3 years ago around the same time as the full force of the global recession took hold. Even in Britain we had the Mps expenses scandal that was the main news story for months and months. There were also a few other world events at the time that were very serious and it felt like a genuine time of panic. Today there seem to be even more trouble with the Arab uprising and the global recession so i feel the song is still relevant.  Although the lyrics to the song don’t directly reflect these situations they are however symbolic and are meant to be interpreted differently by each listener. To myself the lyrics are describing a conversation I had where I knew the end of a relationship was approaching and although i was scared at what was happening I realise that I just need to get on with my life and wait till these feelings pass. I really liked the simplistic nature of the arrangement and I always thought a lone horn would sound perfect on it. My friend Allison Hendry provided the flugel horn for the track.
 What’s in store for 2012?
 I am currently finishing my first album and then I will have rehearsals with my band where we will look to get the songs sounding the best they can before we start to go out gigging. This will help me gain exposure before the release of the album. Also filming another video for my song ’til you which should be released before the summer!

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