Raftmen, A Paean to Beautiful Rockin’ Melodies


Something turned me around to really like this band not only the music but the band members. I know I said something different a few days ago but  it was a misunderstanding. There are bands that need a few repeated listens before you warm up to their sound. There are those that just don’t do it for you. But Raftmen do it right away. They have an original sound that really gets to you and tells you that you have stumbled upon something special!  The music and the artistry that everyone puts in this EP are really worth noting. Here’s what I think about the tracks:

Time Never Waits is an explosive and soaring song with thundering piano lines and amazing vocal harmonies. Ah, flood gates are open!

Opening is an instrumental that screams for a beautiful movie with glockenspiel, piano and commanding percussion. The arpeggios can really get to you like visions of colorful rain falling. Hypnotic is what I call it.

Laws were made to be broken is washed in vocal harmonies and reverb. An atmospheric track that has that driving beat that takes you up to the the last note with that engaging sound. Nice tinkling sounds like bells awash this track.

Rome/Milan sounds like an overture from an old film.  Strings and rock driven tempo makes this song blossom into a piece that reminds me of REM’s Night Swimming. Dreamy and filled with wonderful rifts and hooks like a kaleidoscope spinning into your subconscious. There are so many parts in this song that you can take apart and analyze without ever getting tired of it.

Like His Own has that Freddy Mercury-like vocal delivery with its light falsetto coupled with amazing  instrumental arrangement. Thanks to the classical training of these band members the music has that complex structure without being intimidating.

 All the five songs in this EP are worth listening and getting.  I am sure this is just a glimpse what these guys can offer to the world musically. Take a listen and buy the EP. You won’t regret it.


Ben Duinker – Bass/Vocals

Luke Fraser -Guitar/Vocals

Cy Giacomin – Piano/Vocals

Mark Morton – Drums

Alessandro Valiante – Percussion


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