Great New Music:First Cold Model Records Compilation Out Now!

Canadian Indie Label has its first compilation of FREE music featuring artists to watch out for this decade!

Artfully crafted, rich atmosphere and stellar melodies to swoon to. Everyone here is in top form! I don’t want to name a  favorite  because everyone worked their best to come out with an amazing track for this compilation. Cold Model Records is an indie label based in Montreal Canada. This also happens to be the first compilation from them.

I have played this album again and again and it just gets better and better. All the artists  are worth your ears and indulgence with their own chosen styles in the electro world.  The artwork is eye-catching. This is a perfect party music. Just bring your cold drinks!

New Wave music isn’t dead. It just  found a new following and created a new freshness through these artists. Although this album is free, I suggest we try our best to support our indie artists so they can make  more music. And this can be done not only through buying their albums but also by making positive reviews of  their works if you happen to be a blogger.

1. Melankolya – Neurotic 03:25
2.Scene Noir – Stranger 05:15
3.Thorn (UK) – Warm Leatherette 03:19
4.John Costello – Blanket Expression 04:27
5. Kid Kasio – The Reason 03:59
6. Neil Gahan – Statements In Digital 04:33
7. Paula – I Could Be 05:13
8. Dark Digital – Precisely, Victoria 04:58
9. Story Off – Again 04:50
10.Dekoder – Shadow Figures 04:16
11. Exit – The Door 05:24
12. Apriorism – Forget The Now 03:54
13. Attrition – Dante’s Kitchen (Shok Remix) 05:42
14. My.Cosmo – Delay Dark 04:36
15. Shh – Inside Every Storm Lies A Dead Thing 07:27
released 15 May 2012

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