Shere Khan: He Looks Familiar.



British actor Theo James makes an impressive crossover to music with Shere Khan.

You saw the movie Underworld: Awakening right? If you are also a fan of  the British horror show Bedlam then you definitely know him.  It is not often when actors make impressive crossover to music. It seems though that the 27-year-old Theo James doesn’t have a problem with this. His house disco/indie/punk band Shere Khan has made a great impression all over the UK. I  heard several tracks already. My verdict: I would buy their album if it comes out. If you would like to sample the band’s works, I’d recommend you start with Distance. I need to mention that all the members of the band are responsible for putting out great tracks.

Shere Khan are:

Will Earl
Sam Sweeney
Joj Sharratt
Theo James


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