Glen Hansard debuts a new song called “The Gift”in the upcoming film The Odd Life of Timothy Green

It was my friend Layne who turned me into a Glen Hansard fan. This song sealed everything. This Gift is so beautiful and this is our conversation about it. Here is the link where you can listen to the new song by Glen Hansard:—this-gift.html

Me: This song is so beautiful it makes me teary eyed. It is soaring..So epic and poetic. For a guy who can make chord structures like that, and then sing with so much feeling; not to mention create a song that’s haunting, beautiful and’s just wow. He and Merketa are quite a pair..Two talented people.

Layne: I think that all songwriters could learn a lot about simplicity from Glen.

Me: Simplicity is timeless.

Layne: He exemplifies the power of simplicity in every possible way.

Me: Yes he does. He strips the pretensions.

Layne: Anytime I try and start writing songs around complicated chord structures, I go and listen to Glen and go back to more basic stuff. It always frustrates me how much he can get out of 2 or 3 chords. But I guess his music isn’t really about the chords.

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