Alice Braga: When Roses Bloom


Alice Braga talks about the transcendence of Art through nature and seasons..and how flowers keep her grounded on life and healing.

I met Alice Braga  the artist formerly known as Alice Marie couple of years ago. It is a great opportunity to catch up and find out what she’s up to. What I got are fascinating things that I am sure will inspire readers of this page.

After two albums out you disappeared from the music scene. What have you learned through the whole thing and care to share with us what brought about this disappearance?

A year before Angels Near was released, I became a full-time mother, which left little time and energy for songwriting and performing. I had also moved to a suburb in New Jersey (after living in New York for 3 years), and it took a while to get acclimated and find creative companions. I also experienced a sudden death in the family, which deepened my spiritual practice and exploration, and that eventually inspired me to get certified as a life coach.

You are passionate about peace, beauty and natural healing. What brought this direction to your life?

Well, let’s just say, I know what it likes to feel the opposite of peaceful, and having experienced profound peace without pharmaceutical assistance, I’m pretty passionate about encouraging others to explore the activities that have helped me. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and mindfulness practice are some of the ways I’ve experienced healing, but clutter clearing/feng shui, painting and photographing flowers have also helped me connect to my heart, where the healing happens. Working with coaches, therapists and healing circles have also been transformative. Above all, raising my daughter has opened my eyes to so much beauty and elicited a desire to preserve and increase it.

   You are running a blog and facebook page dedicated to flowers. What can flowers teach us?

According to Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now, A New Earth), they are the highest vibration we can be around, and I fully agree. Even photos of them lift my spirits and plant me, forgive the pun, firmly in the moment. They have taught me to slow down, notice details, and appreciate the temporary nature of life itself. I’ve also learned that I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy them. Being alive and able to experience the colors and scent of a stargazer lily IS the special occasion! I also learned to take better pictures because of them. Forty of them (and their accompanying wisdom) are in this video: FYI, the soundtrack to that video is the instrumental version of “Lipstick Diaries.”

Let’s talk about something musical now. How long will be the gestation period before another album from you?

That’s one thing the roses haven’t revealed! LOL Then again, they are good reminders that “to everything a season.” I trust that the demos and song fragments I’ve been gathering will coalesce when the time is right. Meantime, I’ve had fun exploring mini music videos on both my YouTube pages. and

When you sing, artists like Natalie Merchant  and Stevie Nicks come to mind. I am curious to know where did you get your vocal training.

The shower! The kitchen! Singing along to Olivia Newton-John and Stevie Nicks records (w/ Mr. Microphone of course). I did have some vocal lessons here and there, and I benefited greatly from Claude Stein’s Natural Singer Workshop. The Alexander Method of breathing helped as well. My producer Wade Tonken was also helpful in this regard.

    You love to chant. What can chanting do to us?

Chanting and just plain vocalizing puts us literally in our right minds and detaches us from whatever story we might be clinging to at any given moment. It induces relaxation and awakens joy. And I’m sure much more I’ve yet to discover. Drumming and playing any instrument are also ways of entering that state.

Are you still passionate about drinking tea?

I drink herbal tea in fall and winter, and I still love the ceremony around preparing it and drinking it. It’s very comforting and calming.

Care to share thoughts to your readers…things I might not have covered in my questions but are still essential to this interview.

I would just add that whatever you feel moved to create, regardless of marketplace trends or monkey mind objections, let yourself do it. Ask for help, clear a space, claim the time and let the river flow. It’s good for you and everyone in your circle.

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