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Magician Advertising (A Media Flow Advertising Company)

Are you into magic? Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated with the tricks that magicians can do. As an adult I know it is just how fast your hands move and also about being clever and so much more. This site rocks. So let me ask you…do you want to be one?

Magician Advertising is a company that will help you make your dreams come true. This no nonsense. There is even a webinar! If you want to know more just visit this site and get to know the guy in charged.


Rennes Les Bains Clan  What You Fighting For
Flowers In The Dustbin records

These guys have the kind of music that grows on you. Really feel good stuff with amusing lyrics!

What You Fighting For is the debut release from the Rennes Les Bains Clan. They are a coalition of artists from a community in the mountains of the South of France. Clan instigator Woody Saunderson originally resided in the UK, with a colourful music history which notably included putting on a Solstice party in the Duke of Westminster’s back garden. The download single is out 29th October.


Rory Breaker (rapper), Paula Banks (vocals),
Chris Baker (sax / snakecharmer), Woody Saunderson (guitar / bass /

1. What You Fighting For (radio edit) 2. What You Fighting For
(uncut original)


Stephen McKee, Flowers In The Dustbin
07766 134 269

NEW documentary here:


Check out the new track of thaKOZfather here:


Our pic of the day: Painting by Donie Ryan

Donie is from Dublin Ireland. This is taken from one of his pastoral collections. Really feel good visuals and a sense of what Ireland is all about.

Visit his website:

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