I Am Proud to Say That Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is an Idiot.

This video report proves my point. It is sad that people spend millions of bucks buying records of musicians with depleted brain cells. Has the loudness of the music they play finally turn that gray matter between their eyes to jelly? At the wake of the Colorado shooting, it is sad that there is an artist like him who isn’t helping the situation. I used to believe that artists can be the conscience of the masses. You know, to encourage people to act or think  more humanely. This guy is actually fueling the inhumanity. There are people who have to work  nine to five jobs and sometimes they don’t remember their humanity at all because they are busy..you know, like raising kids or supporting their relatives.

These artist like Dave Mustaine whom you are spending money buying their records have a lot of time in their hands. They are lucky they don’t have to WORK. You may say because it is their calling. Sure. My point is, why not also use that extra time and make this world a better place to live instead of fueling hate? All the more because they are so lucky they don’t have 9 to 5 jobs.  I always have an open mind about other types of music. I think Dave is doing non-service by giving rock music a bad name. Didn’t your parents told you about tagging along with these guys who think they are gods? Oh let me correct that. He isn’t just just giving metal a bad name. In fact he is giving the human race a bad name. What a loser.

It is really unfortunate that people like him can get away with those words. Fame can be something. It can be used to make people believe in your cause. Yes because these stupid groupies will think that your words are gold. Words are powerful and there are those who use it not just for their advantage but also irresponsibly.


Now enough of Dave Mustaine’s idiotic behavior. I want to give Joe Satriani a high five for making this world a nice place to live with his music. And I will post his videos here. He is an asset. A fine example of what humanity can achieve. I hope to discover more artists like him and not like Dave Mustaine.

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