Heyward Howkins Debut LP The Hale & Hearty



There are albums you would like to take with you when you take a vacation. There are also albums you just want to play at the end of the day just to ‘chill’ . The Hale & Hearty by Heyward Howkins fits both situations and needs. The instrumental fireworks that are crafted in this album is what I already consider as  a super bonus.

I have this weakness for records with variety. Something I can listen to again and again and figure out where the mellotron starts or really get fascinated with the tenor trombone, the glock and a dozen of other instruments. This can be tricky, you know, getting these musicians together and making sure it doesn’t sound like traffic in a rush hour.

The Hale & Hearty has energy and quiet reflective moments. For instance, Thunderin’ Stop gives us that teaser of what’s to come. All the vocal harmonies and string arrangements make this album have that great hum along quality of the older decades. His voice is a terrific instrument possessing both the supple nuance and the powerful range of Morissey. The album is like a beautiful movie that unfolds with every track. It is like a walk on the sunny fields. There is richness of melody and words here. These beautiful elements that make this project stand the test of time. I am getting possessive of this album. I am sure you will feel the same when you get your hands on The Hale & Hearty.

Directed by Tyler Costill and Alex Curro.
Starring Gabriel Caste and Megan Becker

Official Music Video for Sugar Sand Stitched Lip by Heyward Howkins.
Featured on his upcoming album, “The Hale and the Hearty.”

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Chet Delcampo (mellotron, keys, guitar, drums, bass)
Charlie Hall (bass, vox organ, vocal coach)
Severin Tucker (guitars)
Richard Stuverud (drums, percussion)
BC Camplight (piano)
Erica J. Penella (flute, vocals, vibes, glock, referee)
Ben Riesman (violin, viola)
Nitzan Haroz (tenor trombone)
Mike Brenner (lap steel)
Gretchen Lohse (Strings)
Shannon McArdle (vocals)
Birdie Busch (vocals)
Heyward (guitars, vocals, uke, banjo, harmonium, keys)

The Hale & Hearty
by Heyward Howkins

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