Inspiring Monday with Violin and Ambient

Hello readers of the page. My head is still reeling from the great interview I did with punk rocker Sacha Talens. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the previous edition and I am sure you will really get something from what he said about making your own album. This doesn’t just apply to punk music, what he says applies to all musicians who want to make it on their own. So have a read.


Violin music by Thomas McGregor




I just discovered this amazing violinist by the name of Thomas McGregor. He does eon classical music and he is from Kansas. This chap is really bringing something cool to the music scene with his attitude and well…melodic structure 🙂 Great tunes that you might want to check out. This one tune I am posting is called Ode to Farmer. It is amazing the things he can do with just one instrument. No words can describe the music. Better have a listen.

Thomas McGregor


Greek with nature ambient by Vasilis Chountas

More music are available on:
Project : Whodoes -(Experimental looped guitar)
Album : Dolphins in the sky
Music Composed by Vasilis Chountas
Produced by Konstantinos Yiotas
Mastering : Pashalis Kolentsis
Motion Graphics : Konstantinos Kefalianos

Interesting sampler here. I was surprised when that guy was making this weird movements on the promo video like a hologram from Star Trek. But I think this music  is interesting for those who like ambient with dolphin sounds.  Whodoes is a project of Greek composer Vasilis Chountas. If you haven’t  done yet, do check out his myspace page. Really spacey  and even ethnic Greek stuff for those who want their breakfast completed in peaceful delights(with a smile). His tracks range from just calm tracks with shy notes to groovy numbers with swirling drum kits, electronic bubbles and loops. And yeah the dolphin sounds are awesome.

Vasilis Chountas


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