Tuesday Sounds Fine with Echo Orange Records and More!

Plus featured videos by Thomas McGregor, a track by Canadian artist Sacha Talens and Whodoes!




Echo Orange Records is an Independent label that in responsible for Management,Production, Booking, Promotion and posting updates about the artists under its umbrella. It covers a lot of genres from electro to punk infused alternative rock. So, I am sure a lot of listeners will something for them.

The company is based in Lyon France. I listened to all the tracks via soundcloud and these artists make interesting music. Please have a listen if you haven’t yet because I am sure you will find something you like. I already have. Look, most of their updates are in French and I put aside my French classes early this year which was a big mistake. I will dug up more info for you as time goes by. Here is a sample. The rest you can find from the soundcloud site. Here is a sample:

Artists under its management are the following:

The Rebels of Tijuana

Daisy Lambert

Sly Apollinaire

Fireball F.C

The Monkberry Moon Orchestra


Benny Lackner Trio

Kajdan Rough Trio

Bernard Bruel

Dominic Miller


Featured Channel: Whodoes Musica

Whodoes: Vasilis Chountas



Check out this artist by the name of Vasilis Chountas. More goodies await on his channel. I haven’t heard anything progressive as his work. More of him in days to come. Please check his works.


Featured Video: Thomas McGregor talks about composing and performing music in the modern age.

I discovered Thomas McGregor the other day and I discovered he doesn’t just have something to play but he has also something to say. This video


Featured mp3:(Can we cancel the sun) In the Mile End by Sacha Talens


Canadian singer/songwriter Sacha Talens is my artist if the week so expect his songs to be rotated here every now and then. This is one of his tracks that I find so good to listen to.

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