Debut EP from Acoustic Metal Artist Peter Chains

Peter Chains-Lynch.Picture By Ashley Fay Photography

The River * White Lie * Carrion Crows *Obsidian Skies * Darkside of the Mind * Witch on the Pyre * Black Rainbow(Co-written by Andreas Geese)

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Irish singer/songwriter Peter Chains talks about his debut EP.

Peter Chains-Lynch is an Irish singer/songwriter who now lives in Windsor Ontario, Canada.  This EP is a continuation of his musical work that was put on hold for years after leaving Ireland. He started writing songs  for the acoustic guitar. He also wrote and co-wrote complex songs when he fronted Irish metal band Giora.

My idea of writing an article about the EP turned into a brief interview. He was around  and I thought I could use a little craic which is an Irish way of saying that we had a great time conversing beyond this interview. It was great catching up with this wonderful artist.

Peter it has taken years and now the EP is here. Your labour of love! It must have been a hectic spot in your life leaving Ireland and your old band and building new roots in Canada. Tell me a little bit about this interesting journey.  

Well you pretty much hit the nail on the head.. this EP has been long over due. Basically it was about finding time, motivation and the sound/direction I wanted to go in… Due to recently splitting with my wife, I have found a lot more time to focus on my music, and to really give it a go. So I put together 6/7 tracks that I thought would sum up the direction I was heading, mostly with vocals. This EP is basically me finding my voice and pretty much the direction I am going with it. I truly hope people enjoy it and eagerly anticipate the Album I aim to make from this, which I aim for next summer. This EP is 100% free, as it is basically my writing board.

There are 7 songs and these are old and new right? Did you change anything lyrically (or chord wise) to accommodate a new chapter in your life?

Peter Chains. Picture By Ashley Fay Photography


As I mentioned before the splitting with the wife had an impact on my direction… Not musically, but it did influences my outlook on life, so in turn, effected my lyrics. The song White Lie is pretty much about the flaws we had in our Marriage (both mine and hers – takes two). Obsidian Skies I wrote before the split, but was about my own Doubts, which subsequently, turned out to happen. But all my songs are pretty much personal experiences, and that will always be my direction lyrically.

There are songs with dark themes but there are also inspirational ones. To what extent has fatherhood influenced your creativity?  

Fatherhood has definitely given me a more positive outlook, compared to my earlier stuff, which was a lot more depressing, which we can put down to youth in a sense lol. The Lyric in White Lie is about my Daughter, “Within darkness there is light, a little beacon that shines so bright.”

I have also been working on a song for her, which I’m sure will come to most as a surprise, as it wont sound ANYTHING like what I’ve done before, as it will be fully upbeat.

 One of the tracks is called Black Rainbow which is co- written by Andreas Geese. This is quite interesting because I never know you to share song writing credits. What’s the reason for the collaboration?  

I was in a band in my teens called Children of Lilith.. we played hard rock music to a dark theme.. similar to Alice Cooper. Music was written by myself and Andreas Geese, and Lyrics by myself and Mike Campbell… But Black Rainbow lyrics were 100% me, and really close to home… but the main guitar line was written by Andreas Geese.. an amazing Guitarist, great guy in general.. just a shame that band came to end, to

Peter Chains. Picture By Ashley Fay Photography

much drama in our young lives haha.

 Can you give your listeners a timeline of your musical plans? What are the things we can expect to happen after your completion of this EP?  

Well the timeline now is to review what I did, pick out the mistakes I made, which I made a few, and work on a full length Debut album..

which I am aiming for the summer of 2013, which I hope to tour this album and with this EP I hope to get some notice.. enough to get in the doors of some venues. Basically to put myself in the shop window. I have started gigging again, but since I am in a country where I am virtually unknown, progress is slow and hard.. but still progress, and I fully aim to increase my efforts. In the mean time I really hope people notice the progress and the efforts I have made the last year in finally producing a solid EP and hope they can find it in there hearts to spread it around, and recommend it to family and friends as a must hear underground musician… I swear I am not asking muchtongue😛 tongue.

Watch out for  his bandcamp account coming soon.

White Lie is the carrier single off Carrion Crows.



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