World Music and Will Smith

Artist: Abou Diarra

I have just started exploring this fascinating instrument that originated from West Africa. How to describe it in sound and structure? Think of it as a hybrid between a Celtic harp or Clarseach, and the banjo. The sound is however closer to the Irish bouzouki. I love it. There is something spiritual and rhythmic about this instrument. The one on the video is known as Kamale Ngoni or young man’s harp invented around the 60’s

Kamale Ngoni

The kamale ngoni or “young man’s harp” was invented by the musician, Alata Brulaye in the 1960s. It is smaller, tuned a fourth higher than the traditional ngoni, often made of calabash rather than wood, and has eight, ten or twelve strings. It became popular in the Wassoulou region and contributed to the rise of Wassoulou music in the 1980s and 90s.-Wikipedia


Will Smith shares his secrets of success

Thanks to my friend Paula for this wonderful link. I was able to watch and be moved by the speech of this wonderful actor who gave us great movies.

More here: – Will Smith shares his success philosophy. For more on this, click the link above.


Today’s Quote

From: Positive Inspirational Quotes ( PIQ)

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