Raw and Powerful

Welcome to our acoustic and folk edition featuring Don Beekeeper, Layne Greene and Fleet Foxes

Don Beekeeper: I love being on Soundcloud

I have not met anyone who is as interactive in soundcloud as Canadian singer/songwriter Don Beekeeper. Everyone seems to be either on facebook or in my case IRC.  According to Don: I don’t write any one particular kind of song. I try to make things sound like I think they should sound, based on what they say. I tend to use the fastest and easiest way to play and record my stuff. I like to move on from one thing to the next. I’m actually more interested in writing something new than I am in thinking about what I’ve already done …

He loves collaborative work with other artists . One of the memorable tracks I heard was his spoken word set to music. His prose is intense. He reminds me of the beat poets of the 50s. His music is stripped down acoustic style with bits and pieces taken from Blues, folk and ballads. I am sure Don probably has other ideas as to how he defines his music. He strikes me as a very opinionated guy with a sense of humor. But I don’t really know the guy very well so I am just basing it on first impression.

His soundcloud page is flowering with comments. He noted : I love being on Soundcloud. I’ve never encountered a place with a greater concentration of talented and otherwise-hidden people. I’m writing this from my basement with headphones on. He does have a nice voice. His range is somewhere between Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. He also plays the harmonica. One of his youtube videos show him singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar and harmonica.


Layne Greene: Cliffs Along the Sea (Bryan John Appleby cover)

Cliffs Along the Sea is the second in series of the cover project that singer/songwriter Layne Greene is working on until Christmas. I like Bryan Appleby and I think he made a really nice cover of the song. I heard the original version and the vocals on that one gets pretty rough in the chorus section. Layne did a workaround. He was able to counteract that treacherous passage by doing an overdub, using the same melodic line an octave lower. This maintains a cohesive pull between higher and lower notes. He usually harmonizes , so hearing him sing  monophonic is really new. He doesn’t own a recording studio yet so his songs are recorded manually in a small room where a workaround to improve the sound is a constant task. I think this constant exposure made him a really clever guy to make do with so little yet create something clean, crisp and worth a listen.



Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (Live on KCRW)

Our folk edition would not be complete without the music of the Fleet Foxes. Their use of emotional landscapes with an almost cinematic appeal make their music really interesting.

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