Featured songs: Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper), Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells cover by Layne Greene) and Dancing with tears in my eyes by Ultravox

Song artwork by Don Beekeeper

Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper)

Collaboration is an amazing thing between musician. It is a unifying force that creates alchemy and making even two opposites unite. This happens to friends and it makes you realize that no one is an island not only socially but also creatively. We all got through the process of meeting and creating something during that meeting, be it thoughts, lessons or works of art. This week, two Canadian musicians ‘sat together’ to create a song. Don Beekeeper wrote the song and Layne Greene added the guitar lines. It works! According to Don : “I wrote and recorded this with just acoustic guitar and sent it to Layne – he did the rest.” I know Layne likes to experiment with sound recording and yes, his pedals which he obsess about. Mary Arrive on Sunday is a poignant track that expresses moments we have captured as if in camera. Don uses his voice as an emotive instrument. Think of  Neil Young.


Ultravox Weekend

My two friends Loic and Paula were in Paris. They went to see the Ultravox concert. Ultravox is one of the bands that awakened me to the beauty of New Wave music as a kid. How can you not respond to Dancing with Tears in my Eyes? The video of a nuclear meltdown is also amazing!

Music video by Ultravox performing Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2009 Digital Remaster).

Speaking of Paula, she has a new collab album with My.Cosmo . Futher details from Cosmo Simnovec:

New collaboration with Paula (UK) – Falling from the sky
EP with 4 versions (Electro, Ambient, Acoustic & Demo)
Release date: November 01, 2012

Check out the album art:


Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells)

Layne Greene was responsible for my conversion to the music of Hurricane Bells. I love their sound and the production techniques they use in their recordings. One of them is the ample use of reverb. Layne provided his own reverb and slight echo in this cover version. This is the third of the series he is making until Christmas. I mentioned that I love the chord structure of this song so I asked what he used. He said:

C#6, C#maj, C#sus, C#maj

For his guitars:

“I’m using my ibanez EW acoustic for all the acoustic track, and my godin freeway classic for all the electric stuff.”

He also added:

The guitar was fun to record  one take, start to finish , nothing planned out except for the intro.The intro bit is the slide part he plays, but done without a slide, after that I just played it reallllly safe until the solo kicks in then I just threw everything I had at it without ruining it kinda let loose so to speak.

*The word collab is not really in the English language. Paula and I got the hang of it after talking about different musical projects she has with other musicians.

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