STRUMBERRY PIE: “Restore the Shore for Friends and Family”

Jersey Shore shall rise!

STRUMBERRY PIE helps rebuild the community after hurricane Sandy. Deedee Montanaro and Laura Catalina Johnson do it through music and the spirit of community.

You know that feeling when you worked hard on something, giving it time and energy? It becomes your baby and you nurture it, seeing it grow and conquer not just your heart but also your soul. Then someone or something comes and totally destroys it. That can be one of those gut wrenching and life altering moments. Of course there is a mixture of everything: from anger to righteous indignation and even shock.
Think of what the people  feel when hurricane Sandy took a huge chunk of the East Coast of the United States away. Many people lost relatives and homes. But what do you do in the midst of this injustice? Certainly you just don’t take the blow and pretend nothing happened. You do something. You take a stand and you rebuild the home you know along with its dignity and spirit. This is what Trentonians are doing in the midst of Thanksgiving. And it is very timely since this is the season to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and affection.

No man or woman is an island. We need each other to get through the most challenging times. Musicians like Deedee Montanaro is polishing her live performances for her band STRUMBERRY PIE (yes all caps) as she helps her community raise funds for the victims of hurricane Sandy. Here is the catch. You can’t find her mp3‘s anywhere. You need to go to her live performances to listen to her music.


Laura Catalina Johnson – Vocals, Guitar
Deedee Montanaro – Vocals, Guitar


Laura: Pat Benatar; Grace Slick; the kick ass Wilson sisters of Heart; Melissa Etheridge; Joan Jett; Bonnie Raitt; Chrissy Hynde; Lucinda Williams; Shannon McNally and many, many, many more…..that’s just some of the Ladies!

Deedee: In chronological order since childhood: Beatles, Queen, Neil Sedaka, Linda Ronstadt, Los Panchos, Edye Gormet, Yolandita, Heart, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, OZZY, and now AMy Lee and Halestorm.
YEAH – can you see the evolution!!

Location: Jersey Shore

Photos by Marlo Montanaro:

In the picture above: Deedee wears brown top and frilly sweater, and Laura has a pink sweater. Picture taken from the “Restore the Shore for Friends and Family” fundraiser that took place on Nov 18th 2pm-7pm at TASTE in Red Bank, NJ. That event raised $7500, and was the 2nd of three events done at TASTE: Nov 10, Nov 18, and Nov 25.

“”Restore the Shore for Friends and Family” events were managed by Social Butterfly Debbie (STRUMBERRY PIE’s favorite local professional event planner), and Scott Elk (talented local musician). STUMBERRY PIE was one of many local acts donating their time.

Band page:


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