Green is Good: The Sharp Things


Green Is Good will be released this Feb. 26 on Bandcamp

The Sharp Things is a New York City-based chamber pop collective led by singer/songwriter Perry Serpa. Current members include Steve Gonzalez, Jim Santo, Aisha Cohen, Michelle Caputo, James Pertusi, Andrea Dovalle and Adrienne Day.

Tracks: Blame the Bankers/The Piper/Here Comes the Maestro/Flowers for my Girl/Eric of Norway/Lights/Goodbye to Golders Green/I Know You’re Gonna Break my Heart/Dogs of Brunswick/Back Down the Rabbit Hole

Interesting lyrics, awesome melodies and intelligent arrangements: these are the things that make Green is Good an album worth anticipating. The Sharp Things have a sound that is a refreshing protest against the lackluster styles that have plagued our radio and internet these days. Listening to any of their albums is like stepping into that time when music was really good and having an album is an investment worth taking care of.

Green is Good is composed of 10 artfully crafted tracks that resonate with social commentaries and deep lyricism. Band influences vary from Jimmy Webb, Roxy Music, Burt Bacharach, Randy Newman, Brian Wilson, Elton John, Marvin Gaye to The Smiths. No wonder their song writing style is complex.You can’t claim to be influenced by those artists without living up to their standards.

There are grand arrangements here comprising of strings, horns and pianos. Each song is meticulously made to ensure that what you get is a full bodied creamy sound that has the warmth of analog sound with the precision of digital technology. I think Here Comes the Maestro is a potential single teeming burlesque swagger and 60s songwriting style. Listening to it makes me feel like da boss! It is a feel good album that will become one of your most played in the collection of novel sounds originating from the sophisticated New York music scene.

My personal favorites are:The Piper, Here Comes the Maestro, Flowers for My Girl, I Know You’re Gonna Break My Heart and Back Down The Rabbit Hole. But I am sure you will find your own personal choices here because the band ensures that they don’t reproduce the same arrangement you hear from one song to the next. But they always maintain that distinct style that will tell you it’s the sound of The Sharp Things.

Green is Good is an evolution of the great music they have created with A Moveable Feast from 2007. If you haven’t listened to that album yet, better do because anything from The Sharp Things always sound good!


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