New Video: Obsidian Skies by Peter Chains

“Obsidian Skies is probably one of his best songs. It is a strong track showcasing his haunting voice and amazing range. The banjo embellishes the energetic acoustic guitar often punctuated by odd scales. He displays that uncanny ability to shift vocal timbre separating the characteristic of his bass range from the higher end of his singing style, giving an illusion that two people could have sung this tune.”

Since the release of Carrion Crows EP late last year, the album has been getting enthusiastic reactions from stumbler. But that’s just it. They need to stumble upon it or someone has to push them(that is where I come in) to listen. Peter Chains is one of the most underrated talent in the realm of independent artists. I mean he has the voice and his songwriting is atmospheric but people just don’t get it.

Why? I think that support goes further than just liking a band’s page on facebook. I mean that BS of saying ‘ oh yeah that’s an awesome tune’ after hitting the like button is getting tired. What is a real fan if you ask me? My answer is simple. A real fan of music/art and literature is someone who has great enthusiasm to share and make sure that culture is propagated exponentially.

My big thanks to those who drop by and read today. I hope you find the time to share this. You share mine, I will share your’s 😉

Obsidian Skies is taken from the EP Carrion Crows
Includes clips from Birds by Alfred Hitchcock and also clips of Peter Performing around Windsor area.
Buy the EP here:

So what is a real fan for you?

Ashley Fay Photography

Ashley Fay Photography

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