“The Bathurst Moment” by Sacha Talens is now available through Itunes!

Sacha sexy pose

Sacha Talens

A recording that spanned continents and insane situations is now out in the open!

Friends, it’s official. My first solo album “The Bathurst Moment” is out today. Thanks for supporting me over the years, for sufficiently inflating my pierced ego and kicking my ass when conundrums abounded. It’s yours now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-bathurst-moment/id599404999?uo=4

At last one of the most anticipated releases this year is finally available through itunes and various outlet.  Major shows have been confirmed and his band are rehearsing. This is definitely worth seeing. So if you are in the Toronto area don’t forget to catch his shows.

2 thoughts on ““The Bathurst Moment” by Sacha Talens is now available through Itunes!

  1. Mr. Labatos, unfortunately I live thousands of miles away from Toronto so I have to settle for Sacha Talens’ canned music. Do you know if he will be touring Europe? Thank you anyway for making me discover such a poweful artist (and many others).


  2. Hi Ayax, I will asked him about it 😉 Did you know he was all over Europe for years? Traveling isn’t an issue for him but taking a band along can be hard. But who knows? His label might fund for that 🙂


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