Soham – Vocals
Austin – Guitars
Pratyush – Guitars
Aaron – Bass
Warren – Drums

TWIST TO BREAK SEAL from Mumbai India is breaking into  Funky Rock Sounds.

What the funk is going on? Ah the wonders of portable video recorders. The world has become small that we are actually being transported to another person’s living room. In this case the ejection happened after watching Alien and checking this new band called TWIST TO BREAK SEAL. And yes I mean that with caps. They hail from Mumbai India, a country with music known for its distinctive scales. However, you will have a totally different musical experience with TWIST TO BREAK SEAL. The band creates one of the most funkiest rock music around. Just my first listen to Mannequin Frozen in Time convinced me  of the band’s musical maturity. Yes they are ready for bigger things.

Are you listening there fellow reviewers? Wanna help me propagate the music of this TWIST TO BREAK SEAL to unforeseen heights? All you have to do is check out the videos off their youtube channel. You can subscribe, like the videos if you find something that you fancy and then say hi to them. The band’s guitarist Pratyush also known as The Pratman would be happy to respond.

I told you these videos are all taken using an ordinary recorder. But you can tell that the music is really getting through. Wait until you get an EP from them. Even Kula Shaker will turn their heads!

More of the band here:

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