The Nu: A Chromatic Didgeridoo

Erik Nugent and the birth of The Nu.

Erik Nugent took the love for composing and inventing further by creating this chromatic didgeriddo called The Nu. My personal discover of this amazing artist happened why browsing through English with Jennifer because I was trying to improve my public speaking skills. Then there was this one episode where the artist himself was a special guest.The first time I heard the NU, I was like “Woooaaahh!That is such a neat instrument.” What a sound! I downloaded Birth of the Nu which is one of his albums. It was an amazing musical experience.You can get it for free via his website Very interesting.

Classical and Jazz.

Erik Nugent  hails from Haverhill, MA. He is deeply influenced by Jazz and Classical music. You can observe these influences when you listen to his albums. Erik uses the It has a Boehm fingering system, so flute, clarinet and sax players will have very little work to learn the Nu. He is trying to spread the popularity of his creation through online and offline performance.

Four albums for free download!
Birth of the Nu, Fender Bender, Black Hole and Little Demon are available for download via his official website.


The how to of didgeridoo

Did you know that learning how to play the didgeridoo actually helps  in eliminating snoring? A 2005 study in the British Medical Journal found that learning and practicing the didgeridoo helped reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnea by strengthening muscles in the upper airway, thus reducing their tendency to collapse during sleep. This video demonstrate breathing techniques that will help you create that typical steady breathing technique when playing this instrument.

Another helpful video

This one is by uploader WETdidgeridoo. Very detailed and also entertaining.

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