Green Is Good by The Sharp Things is Out!

Official video for “Lights,” from the album Green Is Good, released February 26, 2013 on Dive Records. Music by Jim Santo and Perry Serpa, lyrics by Serpa. Video by Beachfront B-Roll:

Video clips from Beachfront, Jim Santo edited them to create the video.

The months of hard work the band has done, can now be revealed to the world. The Sharp Things has all the hooks the melodies and yes the attitude to be one of the biggest folk bands to emerge from New York. Check them out. I enjoyed reviewing Green is Good and also listening to the tracks off the new album. I assure you, there’s never a dull moment. An interview with the band’s lead vocalist will follow soon so better keep this site bookmarked ok?

That video you see above

Green Is Good, the new LP by The Sharp Things, is out as a digital download. Yes folks you can now buy the album. For those who haven’t heard of the band yet, you can stream the album and download it from Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis:

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