Don Beekeeper on his Bandcamp Releases

don beekeeper


I think Bandcamp is a great tool in marketing music. This is the site for ‘album oriented’ people who love the idea of having everything in one place. The interface is clean and it isn’t littered with ads therefore giving the album great focus. Now, we don’t want to sound that we are thrashing other sites so I just made sure  only Bandcamp gets referenced here while other site names are removed. Beekeeper also released his songs in other formats but as he said:

Don Beekeeper: People are very resistant to visiting Bandcamp, for some reason. Even though they can download as much as they want, they’d still prefer to download from bleep.

Sphere Music:I like bandcamp. You know it is easy to embed via wordpress and looks beautiful too. I can’t believe they are reluctant to go to that lovely site! For me bandcamp is very professional in terms of how it looks like and how the songs standout.

DB: Yeah – Bandcamp looks good. The pages are very cleanly laid out. It’s easy to navigate. It has no ads on the pages. I have no clue how to promote it, though.

SM: the thing about bandcamp is that when you put out an album there it really looks like an album…bleep looks scattered.

DB: I agree – bleep is all about the individual track. And nothing gets older faster than a bleep release – people don’t listen to anything more than 4 or 5 days old.

SM: Maybe that’s why I could never really like bleep 100 percent. I am an albums kind of guy. I feel that albums are like books. There’s a plot you follow. And even if there are songs that sound boring when listened individually, they gain importance when they are gelled with other tracks

DB: Yeah – but the album is probably a dying thing. Casual listeners have always preferred the hit to the extra content. And an album is so much less an actual object, now.

Beekeeper’s albums as he describes each one of them:

  • Don Beekeeper

    “Ray” is a ten-song album centred on a character that I started writing about 20 years previously. The ten songs were written and recorded during the first 2 weeks of February, 2011.

    10 track album

  • “Grifter” is a 4-track ep named for Grifter Blues, which was a classic-style slide guitar blues song I wrote last year. I was trying to get the sound you hear on many old solo blues albums. The ep also features a spoken word piece, and two more energetic pieces.

    Grifter, by Don BeeKeeper
    4 track album

  • “The Sky is So Blue” is a three song ep which has a more lively, upbeat blues song for its title piece. It also features “Great Wall” which I wrote several years ago and is possibly a bit more difficult to describe in terms of genre….

    The Sky is so Blue, by Don BeeKeeper
    3 track album

  • The Neverending Freakshow! is an 8-song album I just completed. It’s almost musical theatre – but its characters are typical moral standpoints and their actions are ultimately their failings.

    Neverending Freakshow!, by Don BeeKeeper
    8 track album

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