The 80s Found A New Home in Joel Sarakula’s Matchstick Girl

Video footage: The footage is from Lithuania circa late 80s, courtesy of Saulius Čemolonskas.

Joel Sarakula’s Matchstick Girl

” So what else can I do”… The chorus of this song keeps playing in my head over and over again. This is one of the songs that makes you wish you are listening to it after the rain…you know, these amazing, beautiful and introspective moments. Matchstick Girl by Joey Sarakula is one precise example of these beautiful moments trapped in a 5-minute song. Like gazing at little photographs. Ah the nostalgia . The guitars, drums and his dreamy vocals are all wrapped into an enticing arrangement. Makes me wish it is longer than 5 minutes!

In a generation where louder is equated to better, Matchstick Girl stands out like a child from a parallel universe: lost, shy and beautiful. The style reminds me a bit of The Smiths, Ocean Blue and those bunch of wonderful 80s shoegazer bands. If there’s a new song out there that can equal the beauty of this one, I haven’t found it yet!

Joel Sarakula’s Matchstick Girl is free for download here:

Press contact:

Bio from his site:

Joel has been obsessed with music for as long as he can remember. Classically trained on the piano, self-taught on guitar, he fronted his first band at 15, before pursuing a solo career with debut album ‘Mystery Morning.’ Over the next few years he built a name for himself on the international piano bar circuit: “I’m the human jukebox of pop,” he says, wryly. A prolific chap, he found time to record two more Australian-only albums – ‘Souvenirs’ released in 2008 and ‘City Heart’ in 2009, the latter which received airplay on Australian national broadcaster Triple J, and internationally. Since ‘City Heart’, however, Joel has put everything into crafting ‘Bohemian’ and its forthcoming parent album and releasing them in the UK. “The music I’m making now is the most natural fit for me”, he says. “I’ve kind of let go a little, and stripped back all the production. With ‘Bohemian’ there’s no pretence, and I really like that.”.
His new music has already been played on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 6, Q Music, Absolute Radio, Xfm, the BOHEMIAN video featured on the front page of NME online and he is eager to spread his music further afield.

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