Dennis McCalmont certainly has it.

Dennis McCalmont


Dennis McCalmont has the kind of music you want to keep around in case you need some feel good atmosphere. His music has the combination of chill out, folk and heartfelt ballads. It is something that goes down easily. He is very professional and the recordings are carefully crafted.  His vocals are smooth and a fine instrument on its own. He is one of the contemporary artists who give Ireland its own brand of chillout pop with folk flavour.

I can listen to his songs any time of the day. Especially when I am stressed and I just need something that isn’t intrusive but at the same time a better mood enhancer. So yes check out Dennis McCalmont. And if you listening to his music, buy his tracks too. It will help him create more albums in the future. I mean think about it. Why donate funds to artists via kickstarter etc just because the media tells you these artists are cool right? A beautiful music should stand on its own even without the media hype. Dennis McCalmont certainly has something beautiful in his songwriting.Please support him.

‘Take A Breath’ a Track from the New Album ‘Nature Of Life’
Available to Download……


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