Darkside of the Mind-Peter Chains

Darkside of the Mind originally came out as an upbeat track. Irish singer/songwriter Peter Chains felt that most of the lines in the song were dealing with what was going on in his life at that time. But situations have changed since he moved to Canada. He made changes both to the song’s tempo and the lyrics.

Darkside of the Mind features his full bodied haunting vocals. This track debuted with the second edition of his monthly zeen The Peter Chains Monthy in which his own music recommendations are included. There is a plan to expand the zeen to incorporate the things he did with Alternative Frequency which was his own own radio show in Ireland.

The accompanying video is taken from a classic Alice in Wonderland.The video is very appropriate to the song because of the emphasis on ‘going beyond’ where uncontrollable forces dominate the mind.

Darkside of the Mind – By Peter Chains


Verse 1: Baby won’t you please rephrase

I’m broken ’til the ends of my days

You’re feeling darker when your world is falling down

But you say the world is nothing now “when I’m around”

Chorus: So i beg you with these broken dreams, keep it happy now

Feeling like you’re in complete ecstasy, Ticket down town

No one knows just how to feel, when they’re broken down.

I’m broken…


Verse 2: Feeling like you’re beating me

Complete when your world is in sheer misery

I watched the world float too the darkside of your mind

Know one else is going to be there except in time

you’re alone




Verse 3: Silence is what you crave

Doing naughty deeds will bring you too an early grave

Just to hurt them, keeps her satisfied

But inside she’ is begging please, I wanna die

Oh No…

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