Pierre Massé Streams Tracks Off The New Album

Pierre Massé

It’s been three years after the released of the celebrated EP Situations by this Ontario based artist. There have been many changes in the life of singer/songwriter Pierre Masse. These changes are either personal or artistic. In the artistic level, I hear the maturity and confidence in his voice never heard before. He has also polished his singing style that is really something good to listen to. The new album is called E_e_x,_e_ __O.” By the way that’s not the final title for the album, I’m filling it in as I stream more songs like a game of hangman.”-Pierre

He is  streaming four tracks ahead of the release, putting the second one up this weekend. The first track is called My Mortal Enemy which has electronic beats on top of his acoustic guitar.  There is also the acrobatic stunt courtesy of his electric guitar solo. Pierre Masse has been known to tackle existentialist issues and he does it with elegance both in French and English.

My Mortal Enemy signals his growth as a musician. There is that freshness and adventure that engulf the air of his artistry. We can also expect a lot of sonic richness from his current efforts. After all, this Chemistry major sees the bigger picture, the beautiful complexity that inhabits the realm of Science and Music.


The new track is up today. It is called Observations 2: …Coule cet air. New improvement to the title. En__e d__x, E__er __o Wanna guess ahead?

“The second of four tracks I’ll be streaming from my new album ahead of its release…”Pierre

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