Shishi has a kind of sound that flirts in the realm of Nine Inch Nails and Garbage. For example Nick of Time has that capacity to lay the sound on you due to its intensity. But Shishi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Those who are looking for smooth and relaxing electronica will find her sound too aggressive. But you got to admire her way of creating interesting melodies and vocal harmonies. This can be heard all over Anything for You. Other times her music sounds post punk like the early Cocteau Twins album.  All in all her music will appeal to almost all ears but her strongest market are those who are into melodic punk with electronic frills.


Shishi is a husband and wife indiepop group formed in the summer of 2012, hailing from the the suburbs of Philadelphia. They blend stylish beats, pop synths, shoegaze guitars, and lovely female vocals to create a refreshing and unique approach to indie electropop songwriting. Shishi: Jamie Lugo – Vocals Tom “KungFu Gazer” Lugo- Everything else Like us on facebook: Tom is also the owner of record label Patetico Recordings and is in the Philadelphia shoegaze-indierock band Stellarscope, as well as several other projects like Panophonic, Super Toys, Drowning Dreams.




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