The Flamenco Thief

The Flamenco Thief


Artist: Craig Sutton
From: Bath, Britain (UK)

Just Look Up is the fourth track on the self-titled EP released in 2012. The new video is due for release in March 2013.All of The Flamenco Thief’s music is performed and recorded live using a Manuel Contreras II guitar and a Boss RC 300 loop pedal.


released 09 March 2013
All music written, arranged and performed by Craig Sutton.
Produced and mixed by Dave Carlyon.
Artwork by Sara-jane Swettenham.
Tired of all the snow? Can’t wait for spring and the coming of summer? Craig Sutton a.k.a. The Flamenco Thief brings the fiery energy of flamenco to indie listeners with the release of Just Look Up. His soundcloud account introduces you to more tracks. You get that feeling of suspense as his tunes climb the perilous ladders of his verses only to arrive at the tumultuous and sweet release of his refrain section. The art of syncopation and mastery of rhythm are his strongest points. He also mastered a certain style in playing the guitar.On top of his excellent musicianship is his mastery of presentation. He makes each performance a feast of choreography. He even goes as far as making the guitar a percussion itself. It is said that in playing the music from the heart, one bares the soul. Craig Sutton does this in his every performance. You should check out all his videos via youtube. You might want to learn some new styles!



The Flamenco Thief is Craig Sutton.

Craig, 29, was born in Warminster but has since relocated to the similarly charming surrounds of Bath, where he serves the public and crown as a loyal postie.

For a decade electric guitar was his passion but, like Bob Dylan in reverse, Craig took a U-turn three years ago and switched to acoustic after hearing Flamenco for the first time.

Since then he has channeled all his time and effort into mastering the art of Flamenco playing and adapting the sound to incorporate a range of musical genres.

Craig started making a name for himself in the South West when he started merging classic Spanish rhythms with styles such as funk, hop-hop, ska and breakbeat.

Demand for the guitarist peaked in 2011, a year that saw him perform over 100 gigs to repeatedly thunder-struck crowds, including those at Womad Festival, Bath Fringe Festival and the London O2.

His music has been likened to that of Rodrigo & Gabriela, due to his percussionist beating of strings and the drumming of the guitar’s body during performances.

However, this solo performer has an inimitable trick up his sleeve; the Boss Loop Pedal.

Having practised meticulously with this piece of equipment, Craig has created a fresh and unique take on the Flamenco genre, by layering intricate riffs over one another.

Thus the Flamenco Thief was born.

Now his music merges tender finger-picking and fast rhythmic techniques to create a mounting wall of sound that leaves witnesses breathless and often dumb-founded.

He will be spending the next few months recording a début EP, breaking in October for his first UK Tour.

The future for the Flamenco Thief seems even brighter than the sun-drenched music he crafts so for bookings or interviews please contact Craig at:

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