Keravel: voltz

Artist: Serge Keravel

Album: Voltz

Genre: electronic

Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada


PULSE (extended mix)
PULSE (Rick LP Remix)


Composed, Arranged and Performed by Serge Keravel

Mixing by Pierre Messier at Studios Piccolo

Mastering by Marc Thériault at Le Lab Mastering

Art Direction for the CD “VOLTZ” by Élisa Keravel-Bertrand

Photos and Media Relations by Jean-Louis Pitre

Web/Graphic Design by Simon Guibord

Web Development by Jean-Pierre Guévremont at eeknanomic

Sounds that flow and work regardless of the direction, this is what Keravel is. The music just clicks and that’s it, you tend to like it regardless of what influences that Serge Keravel had layer in his album Voltz. And like the title itself, everything is electric. The vibes are unmistakably European. I think this has something to do with his genetic lineage. His father’s of Breton origin and his mother has Italian blood. And the chemical composition of the combination results to passionate works. The kind of passion that fuels tracks like Pulse, Softsurge, Positivity and Darksparks among others.

There are also moments of calm as he dips into languid seas of sounds like in the case of Softsurge. His music is primarily electronic but the World influences are clear in his melodies and arrangements. You get the feeling of Celtic Brittany along with the melodic Italian. Being from Quebec his musical environment has always been multicultural. And yes Volts is something you should have when you go on a vacation where the sand, the sea and the sky are all part of the getaway.


Born in Quebec of a Breton father and a mother of Italian descent, Serge is, from childhood, immersed in a multicultural world. Early on, he discovers classical, Russian, gipsy, French and jazz music. Drawn to everything that is artistic, his first attempts are at painting, sculpting and writing plays for the theatre.

All art forms interest and fascinate him. He searches for all things different; his perspective is simple and spontaneous. He moves from one medium to another with ease and enthusiasm.

Like all young musicians, he forms a progressive folk music band, and as all young bands, its existence is short lived. He will however perform at live shows. This experience confirms Serge’s own vision of music and so, he decides to pursue his musical evolution on his own.

Improvisation is the open door to his beloved piano. A period of ephemeral compositions begins. Everything has to appear instantaneously, at that moment, and suddenly disappear. During this time, Serge will develop further his talents as both a musician and a composer.

His musical influences are diverse. He is intrigued by the vision of piano artist Keith Jarrett and by Joni Mitchell’s sensitivity and courage. He praises Peter Gabriel and Bjork for their efforts in trying to change conventional music.

Serge has great interest in the computer world. He first discovers graphics, experimenting with various software programs for four years, which leads him to explore forms and colours.

Then, it happens: software such as Reason from Propellerhead and Logic from Emagic arrive on the market. It’s the breakthrough Serge has been waiting for. He dives into this musical universe, full of sounds and rhythms that are varied and provocative. In 2003, Serge creates his first demo followed by a second one in 2004.

Prolific, he decides to become his own producer, not having the patience to wait for answers from other record companies. He feels the need to introduce and share his music with as many people as possible.

In 2005, Serge forms, with Andrée Ann Campeau, the record company Kassure Productions, dedicated to producing non-conformist music. His hopes are that this company will provide independent composers and musicians the means to expressing themselves, which is too often denied.

In September 2006, Serge launches his first album “MOODS” under Kassure Productions, distributed by Interdisc.

In April 2008, Serge releases his second album “NEXT”. Pierre Messier is in charge of mixing and mastering the music at Studios Piccolo.

In 2010, He releases his next CD “MUST”. Pierre Messier again mixed the album at Studios Piccolo. Marc Thériault mastered this opus at Le Lab Mastering.


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