Viramundo-Tudo o que você podia ser

Viramundo front

Band: Viramundo

Album: Tudo o que você podia ser


Pedro Martins: voice, guitar, piano and keyboard
Jonathan Renan: drums, guitar (3), programming and effects
Gerdson Mourão: bass

All songs by Peter Martins
Produced by Jonathan Renan

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil


1 O Último Mequetrefe

2 Ponto de Fuga

3 A Trilha

4 Súbita Chama

5 Encontro Marcado

6 Sinergia

Viramundo is a Brazillian band that merges British rock with the breezy and easy sounds of Brazilian landscapes. When I think of Brazil I always think of the sea, the sand and of course Jobim. But if you expect jazzy Bossa with Viramundo then you will be in for a surprise. The band’s lead vocalist Pedro Martins credits the lead singer of Travis Fran Healy as one of his influences.  This is British rock meets Brazilian language with a twist. I wish they never sing in English because everything about Viramundo sounds great the way it is and the way the tunes are being performed. They transform the language into an instrument in itself. It’s magic wrapped in the vowels and consonants of every line.

The production is slick, smooth and everything in the mix is highlighted to the max including the mellow sounding vocals and shiny instruments. It is an energetic album and stress free. In O Último Mequetrefe, the guitars remind me a bit of how the bands in the 90s did it: Toad The Wet Sprocket, Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul. This is matched by the vocals of Pedro Martins which  is youthful, jazzy with a dash of folk. Ponto de Fuga takes us into a swaying tempo. A perfect track for walking. I think the magic of  Viramundo lies in the choice of chords and the way each track is given attention in terms of phrasing and  nuance.

A Trilha has great keyboard intro. I like how the verses are sung here as Pedro’s voice move up and light. Kind of like how after the rain and the sun shines through the leaves creating little sparkles. It’s swaying on a hammock in  Súbita Chama . The combination of energy and the feeling of flight when I hear this track is something I always look for when I listen to music. Yes don’t we all love to fly even with just our minds? Encontro Marcado starts with a movie like theme with the piano. This reminds me of 70s ballads done by musicians like Gilbert O’Sullivan and even Billy Joel. The phrasing engages you. The instrumental arrangements pull you. The music becomes magic.

The term save the best for last applies to Sinergia. The orchestral sound and awesome chord progression are just few of the things that unfold as you listen to this track again and again. If the intention of music is to transport you into a dimension that’s better than this reality then Viramundo has succeed. They are one of the kind original band from Brazil. And I am still smiling while I wrap up this writing!

Viramundo back



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